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In the 90′s we awakened to world events and were impressed to make changes in our lives–to prepare not only spiritually but also physically for the times we are now living in and also for the crucial times that are coming.  We began to transition to a lifestyle of “preparedness” where we could provide for our family’s basic necessities of life as independently as possible.  As time went on, we realized that our experience and knowledge gained in this process could be a benefit to others also.  In late 2004/2005 we began producing outstanding DVDs that would help others to prepare practically for the times ahead.  Our website is another tool that we offer to help people to prepare “wisely” not “rashly”.  We published a book titled “Sustainable Preparedness” in which we advocate not only short term preparedness, but we emphasize the tremendous benefits that come with a lifestyle that will continually benefit not only one’s own family but others in need–a lifestyle that provides for an “on-going supply” of life’s most basic necessities–water, heat, food–that continues to be replenished. 

Since late 2007 our family has gone to many locations all over this nation giving seminars on preparedness topics such as those below:

The Seminars
Although we do periodically vary our seminar topics, these are typical topics:

“Ready or Not” and “Preparation or Presumption” are both foundational seminars, in which we present the spiritual reasons for preparation. Emphasis is given to our privilege and duty to be a help to others, and the steps necessary if we are to actually be able to do this in the times ahead.

• “Adding SUSTAINABLE to Preparedness” begins with information about the vulnerability of our national infrastructure and emphasizes the necessity of not depending upon the “systems” for basic necessities of life, such as water, heat and food.

“Gardening & Canning–Tips & Tools” takes food planning way beyond just growing a garden!  In this fast-paced overview Nancy includes many photos showing how to begin the transition that will enable you to eat fresh, store, and preserve your own delicious, nutritious food. Your family can not only survive but thrive during a crisis, when the grocery shelves are empty. Following this plan can also slash your food budget as a bonus, and could prove invaluable should a family’s income drop for any reason.

“Solar Made Simple” explains how a Renewable Energy System can work to provide an independent source of electricity for your mountain/country home. Our family has lived “off the grid” for many years. These systems will become extremely valuable in times of crisis.

“Independent Water Systems”– We also cover independent water systems, showing how one can become independent from the municipal and community water systems for this most essential necessity, when moving to the country/mountains.

“Heating With Wood–Safely!”– Craig takes a deeper look at this topic that might easily be taken for granted. Learn how to heat your home efficiently and safely for a yearly cost of next to nothing! Learn about the best chain saws, wood stoves, etc. There are many things covered in this seminar, that most people have probably never heard.


If you are interested in having us come to your area with seminars please contact us!